May 31, 2009

Kids Playing With Bubble

They are so free and innocent. Remember when i was a kid...

May 29, 2009

Tim Walker

Photographer Tim Walker for Hermes spring. Amazing stuff.

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May 28, 2009

Briony Ridley

Amazing Photographs by Briony Ridley. What a great way to start today!

via: the grafik museum

TALCS - Nikon D200 On a Rifle Stalk

This is photo shooting. More infos.

Giuliano Bekor

Los Angeles based Giuliano Bekor have some stunning high fashion photography, He doesn’t seem to like color very much, as 90% of his images are in black and white, but wow ! I Love when photographer showcased their portfolio in full screen, and Guliano’s work in full screen is just amazing.

May 27, 2009

Nina Buesing

Photos by Nina Buesing. Born in Germany, raised in Tehran, Paris, and New York. This series is a work in progress, called Fauna.

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Olivia Frølich

The Danish photographer Olivia Frølich has been working as an assistent for different photographers for many years, but recently started working on her own. She is inspired by the dreamcatcher universe by Wendy Bevan, and the universe by Helmut Newton.

May 26, 2009

Veronica Evans

Anthelion Imaging aka Veronica Evans, is a talented young Sydney-based photographer and retoucher. I love her work.

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