January 31, 2011

rainbow baby...

January 24, 2011

nice man

January 23, 2011

I can't even describe how beautiful I think these photos are.
They just capture not only the moment but also the person
with such an almost ridiculos simplicity.
Maybe that's the secret of their magic.

photos by Alec Soth

January 21, 2011

creative tattoo

January 18, 2011


January 11, 2011

Isn't it beautiful?

photo by Alexandra Boulat
(I'm sorry I couldn't find any decent Link)

I'm having a sleepless night.
Got up, opened one of my art books 
and found this fellow: 

January 9, 2011

playing with erotic gestures, symboles and hints: Fabrizio Ferri


January 8, 2011


January 7, 2011

hand in hand
robert de niro

January 3, 2011

flower power